Dreams do come true, One flight at a time

My name is Gidongo Rogers Armstrong. I am a 26-year old Ugandan and dream of becoming a commercial airline pilot. This dream is not for me, it is for my family and my country who need our help.


While growing up, the civil war raged in Uganda and forced my family to focus on survival. It was unlikely I could obtain even a basic education.

I wanted to learned as much as I could about airplanes and flying. I read many books, talked to many people and watched television whenever I could. My treasures are copies of the Encyclopedia Britannica and the World Book. In 1998, I saw my first computer and whenever I could, attended schools with computers.

In 2010 I made my way to Nairobi and spent time at the Wilson Airport. I did everything to be close to the aircraft like washing  airplanes and carried bags. At that time, I could only dream of becoming a Pilot, flying across the world to bring my country what they need to survive.

Thankfully because of organizations such as U-TOUCH many come to my country and help in many areas. I met a few very generous people and told them about my dream. I couldn’t believe that they thought this dream could come true.

Because of you and many others I got my Visa and came to the US, (San Diego) in February 2014 and right away enrolled at at San Diego Flight Training International.

I have done over 150 hours of flight time, and now have my private pilot’s license. My experiences here have been amazing and I have almost reached my dream, but the cost has me stuck.  I am asking for your help to cross the finish line –

I have just 40 hours of my flight training and expenses to get back to Uganda and begin making the changes that we need.

Thank you for reading about my story, and helping in any way that you can.

I cant wait to see the impact that we make, one flight at a time.


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